Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

Sugar and Spice and all things nice; that's what little girls are made of...


source: Posh Tots

Snips and Snails and puppy dog tails; that's what little boys are made of...

Now, for some "real life" nurseries for inspiration...

source:  RHoneydesign

Source:  Our home in Georgia

This is the only picture of one of my nurseries that I could find...we came home from China with our daughter Lydia in December 2007, and we realized we were moving to Orlando about 3 months later.  I was able to capture this picture right before we moved, but her built in bookshelves are mostly empty because everything had already been packed up.  This room is proof that you can decorate on a budget and end up with something that you love.  The bed was borrowed from a friend, the rug is from the Pottery Barn Outlet, the lamp and baskets are from Target, the bedding and window treatments were made with love by my mother in law, the prints on either side of the window are from Kelly Rightsell, the plates  are all from Tj Maxx, and the chair was found at a thrift store and then slipcovered and monogrammed by a sweet lady in my hometown, who happens to be a fabulous seamstress.

**This post was lovingly done for Ashley, who is expecting her first child.  This should help give you some ideas for what to do in little peanut's room!


  1. How sweet is it! My baby is 8 years old now...her room was done with Bella Notte Linens, an old chandelier that we lovingly painted and all the lovely, old shabby things that I am still fond of. Makes me miss those days...

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. You offered so much great inpsiration!!

  3. Wow! It's too late for my children..... but someday I'll have grand-babies:)

  4. You inspried me to add some things to Adeline's room this morning as I was cleaning. Stay tuned for pics, one of them was a bedside table that was from Grandma Heist, love that it is now sitting right beside her crib and feels nice to have a piece of her in there. My dad made the table too so it has double meaning. And what praytell did you do with that awesome chair, didn't see it in Lydia's room in Orlando????? Would have matched Lilly's room and the initial would have worked too.....jusy sayin" :]

  5. that chair got ruined in our move....forgot to cover it and a plant spilled on it...why was the plant sitting in the chair? I will NEVER know. :)

  6. UGHHHH! I LOVE ALL OF THESE SO MUCH! Thank you for doing some searching! The things you found are so sweet! Loving that green chair in Lydia's room, too! You are the best. Thank you for this. :)

  7. expecting baby #2 right now....justtt found out it was another girl and this post was perfect for inspiration!! i love that yellow and white fabric they used over the many lovely nurseries! i can't decide what i want to do. haha.

  8. wondering WHY you were posting baby stuff.. thinking you might have something to share with your readers??? :) hehe i guess it was just for ashey!

  9. Love the aqua and pink in the first photo!

  10. randel...JUST for Ashley and any other mom expecting a bambino! :)