Friday, December 17, 2010

Collections and Tattoos...

    Source: Southern Living

    SourceJustine Taylor

I always love going into someones home and seeing a collection of something that they love.
I also love it when the collection is put seems like it makes a bigger statement that way.

I've wanted a collection of something for years..kind of like I've always wanted at least one tattoo.
The problem with collecting is...
I've never found anything that I loved so much that I wanted a hundred of them.
Until I saw these pictures...
I seriously think I could collect all things Mercury and never get tired of the look.
I'm not sure if I'd keep them up all year long or just during the winter months,
but I do think a huge collection looks so perfectly awesome!

Here's where collections and tattoos go together.
I've always wanted a tattoo but have never come up with anything that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt 
I wouldn't regret.
Until this year.
I think I would love a small one on the inside of my left wrist that is the Hebrew word for redeemed.
~as a beautiful reminder~

Who besides me would ever put collections and tattoos in the same post?
We'll just see if either one of them actually come to be.

***edited so that I could spell TATTOO correctly***
You guys are so sweet that NONE of you who commented let me know that I spelled it wrong!!!
so, thanks, I think.


  1. You are so funny. I love your pictures of mercury glass (gorgeous) and I too have always wanted a teeny, tiny tattoo of a Gaelic symbol but there are so many that are meaningful I could never choose one. I love your idea of "redeemed". How would you ever get tired of that? Even your grandchildren would think it was pretty cool. I hope you do it then come back to share! Have a happy weekend!

  2. I agree with the mercury glass - a beautiful thing to collect! I don't have any collections or tattoos but I have learned to never say never!

  3. I think that is a great idea for a tatoo!

    I have lots of collections, but then I get fed up with one and get rid of it and start on something else. Part of the thrill is the hunt!

  4. I love collections and do not love tatoos. But am grateful for redemption.

    I would love to know if anyone has ever written about tatoos and collections in the same blog post. That would be hilarious.

    Merry Christmas,

  5. A collection and a tattoo, huh? Go for both :)

  6. I have lots of collections...ironstone, old bibles, little wooden chairs, children's shoes, and on and on. I had an antique store for 10+ years and part of the deal is you trade up and get better stuff yourself. I like them grouped and rotated though b/c I am not a fan of clutter.
    I also have a tattoo of a butterfly I wish I didn't have on my ankle. I wish it was a cross with the words child of God. I like your idea, but I can tell you I would not do it again.
    And it hurts like the dickens too!

  7. beautiful photos, love the idea of the tattoo, very sweet. susan

  8. i think you should get one. for christmas. just for you. and then...photograph it & share it with all of us! ;o)

  9. Maybe try a hand stamped bracelet for a while. I had one made by an Etsy seller that says "MINE" to remind me of Isaiah 43:1. I love wearing it.

    Happy weekend!