Friday, October 28, 2011

Finding Balance.

                                       Source: Pinterest.
Piano Lessons.
Cooking lessons.
All State Chorus.
Horseback Riding lessons.
 Track & field.
Tap & Ballet.
Guitar lessons.
Ministry opportunities at Church.
Art Lessons.
Voice Lessons.
Cross Country.

Does it ever blow your mind how many extra curricular activities are available to our kids?

We live in an EXPERIENCE RICH culture, and often it's to the demise of families.
It's so hard to find the balance between giving our kids great experiences
and investing time into our relationships.
There are families who seem to do hectic schedules well, but not us.
 Our family needs time together.

We want our kids to experience things but not just for the sake of being busy.
We want to eat together as a family.
We want to have time to discuss our highs and lows together.
We don't want to spend more time going to and from than we do at home.
And, we also want to invest in other people around us.
We want to do life with my brother and his family and my parents.
We want to be intentional about spending time with dear friends.
The only way to assure that we invest in our relationships with one another and others
is to limit our kids involvement in every activity that comes our way to take part in.

It is vital that our kids understand the importance of serving others and loving others well.
We want them to witness life in other parts of the world.
We want them to have a biblical worldview.
They need to understand that life in the world doesn't look like life in America.
We don't want them to think that service is only for adults.
Thankfully, our church values this, too.

We value our kids learning different sports.
We've got two boys who are on the brink of the tween-teen years.
Let's just be honest, they need to be burning off some of that energy.
Being on a team and learning how to work with others is key in life.
It's good to value the strengths & talents of their team members.
The discipline that it takes to show up for each practice and work hard produces good character.

We value our kids participating in fine arts.
We would like for them to learn to play various instruments.
We love the idea of their minds being stretched and their creativity being ignited.
 It's important to expose them to things that they are interested in...
Knitting, Drawing, Sewing, Pottery, Painting, Cooking, etc...

These are all great things for our kids to experience, but they aren't the most important.
Our relationships are the most important,
and we have to be intentional about the time we invest in one another and others around us.

{thankful for}

114.  dinner and dessert with my parents around our dining room table.
115. time spent reading Charlotte's Web with Lydia.
116.  a phone call with my friend, Patricia.
117.  a renewed vision of what's the most important.


  1. Well put my friend and so true. I am already feeling the pressure with our girls but just keeping reminding myself to keep the main thing the main thing!!!

  2. This is so true. When my girls were growing up, so many of their friends went from one sport season right into the next. Plus they were in may other things. My girls sometimes complained when we set limitations. I think one of the most important things we did was have dinner together almost every night. We caught up and supported each other. It makes a difference.They are grown now and we have close relationships with all 3. I am blessed.

  3. You nailed this, Nancy.

    (I felt like calling you Nancy right then - is that ok? It's my mom's name, if that helps at all.)

  4. This post hits home. With five and living in a big city where it takes forever to get anywhere and having a husband deployed ... we had to make some "tough" choices. I say tough, because they are. Even if the extras aren't the most important, they are important and it is tough to draw the line at times. And I say tough, too, because with five even the shortest list of extras gets long very fast. BUT there are important things in life and there are MORE important things in life. I am learning that even when it comes to learning a trade or an instrument, God is Sovereign and if the time isn't right for it now, He'll provide another time for it later. Only in America do people struggle with things such as this! May we never forget how truly blessed we are.

  5. Very well said! I think this is a struggle that many of us have. I definitely speak for myself. It is difficult to find balance and not lose yourself and miss out on day to day opportunities of just being together because of the busyness (is that a word?) of it all.

  6. The schedules of family life can so easily spiral out of control for us too, so I always have to stay vigilant, take time to regroupl refocus and remind myself and our children what matters most. You said it so well that it's now a culture of experiencing so much and the struggle to experience it all without sacrificing the people in our lives so matter the most.
    This weekend the weather has us all tucked inside and it feels so good,
    Happy weekend!

  7. Great reminder and very timely for me this week! Thanks for making good sense!

  8. beautifully written! :) i agree!

  9. Wow. Exactly what I've been feeling lately (only said better than I could say it!).

    Did you make the graphic? If yes, would you mind if I used it? I'd credit you of course!

  10. so true. always hard especially in big families. little one's schedule is so loopy right now.
    great post my friend

  11. Thank you for this post, Tara!! There are times I struggle against the culture. I know we are making the right choices for our family!