Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh January!

January is pushy.
{in a good way}
This month makes me more determined to stay on top of my laundry....
I vow to strip the beds every week and freshen the beds with new sheets.
I promise myself to do a better job of not just washing and drying those loads...
but folding it and actually putting it away so those piles don't become "vignettes" in our home.

January urges me to read more.
My list is looooooong for 2012.
I can be bad about making an over-achieving list in every area of my life 
and then feeling like a loser at the end of the year when its all not finished.
Not this year!
Lists are good...they mean we're making goals.
I've decided I'd rather make long lists and be excited about the goals than not make any lists at all.

The first book I'm reading this year is Same Kind of Different as Me, and if your list has room, 
I'd consider adding it.
It's digging deep into my heart...reminding me to look for friendships in unexpected places.
Those are always my favorite friendships.

After I finish it this week, I'm moving onto Give Them Grace.
Honestly, because I need more of it in my parenting.
There's such a hard balance between enjoying every moment
 and realizing that you just don't and not feeling guilty about it because it's normal not to.
Relate at all?
After I finish those, I'm starting a new Karen Kingsbury series called The Bailey Flanigan Series.
I read every single one of her book series in the summer of 2006, and I haven't read one since.
Guess I got a little over zealous with her and wore myself completely out.
Anyway, I'm excited to read more about Bailey Flanigan...loved that character!
There are four books in the series to read, and then my list continues....
6 books in January.
That's what January does to me.

January gives me renewed vision to carry out the rest of our school year strong.
It encourages me to get out my calendar and make sure we're on task in our studies.
We need to finish in time for our East Coast trip in May.
November and December tell you to...
 slow down, wind it up, and take a break for good food and fellowship.
But not January.
January tells you to re-focus, re-commit, re-examine your priorities.

 Drinking more water.
Taking my dog baby on more strolls.
Examining my heart against God's word to see the cracks and brokenness that need his touch.
Inviting more people into our home for a meal.
Watching more movies with our kids all piled in the bed with us.
Being more intentional about calling friends, both old and new.
Talking less. Praying more.

January is good to us, isn't she?

{thankful for}
235. that leftover chicken tortilla soup for lunch.
236. conversations with michele.
237. cold coffee in my pot making delicious iced coffee in the afternoon.
238. heart examinations that happen in January.
239. water with lime.
240. an almost clean house for small group tonight.
241. Same Kind of Different as Me...goooooood read.
242. much needed time with my man.


  1. I'm with you every way around this post. You're so right - time to re-focus! And read!! :)

  2. I love your spirit. You're like a breath of fresh air. You almost make me want to do my laundry. Almost. A little confused though...about the Karen Kingsbury books. Did you read them or didn't you. Or did you mean you bought them and didn't read them?

  3. This post is just lovely. I love your mindset about January! :) Thanks for the inspiration for my own life!

    Courtney Lane

  4. So thankful for our talks, grows me and nourishes my sould!!! I love January too!!!!

  5. YES! I love that list. Talking less and praying more - perfect!
    Same Kind of Different is life changing I think. Reminded me that God is mighty and can change anyone and use anybody.

  6. i told nikki about bailey flanigan..shes a crazy reader girl!
    i just got Jesus Creed in the mail and started it last night. LOVING the whole messege
    you are a kindred spirit for sure. i'm up to my eyeballs in a crazy mess...but it is what it is...ugh!
    praying with you friend

  7. I recognize that book your son is working from - I think. Is that from Rod and Staff publishers?

  8. I have begun to look forward to January these past few years. This January has begun with so much good. I have laundry vignettes in my home too...and I remember those books...the one your son is studying. I used them in my homeschool too. I still miss those days. But my heart and home are open to homeschooling grandchildren someday. ox

  9. I've heard nothing but great things about Same Kind of Different as Me. I need to add that to my (always getting longer) 2012 reading list :)

  10. A great list of goals - inspiring me to find some time to read. Thanks for the recommendation!

  11. Gah! I am in LOVE with your header! (You get this comment from me quite often, don't you? Lol!

    Seriously fun & cute!


  12. ohhhhh january! fresh & new and so much to fill - this same thought inspired my latest post and collecting moments (starting january)


  13. I'm happy to hear that you are making a list...so many said that they weren't going to make resolutions or goals this year. I thought I was the only one doing so. Reading is top on my list. Haven't chosen specific books yet but I am working on it! I am also going to try new recipes more often and bake more {if I can do that AND lose weight, which is also on my list!!}

    Best of luck!


  14. oh I LOVE that book! I love that lady! what was her name again? it started with a D I think. She makes me want to be a better person! And I am right there with you on having more people into our home! started school again today so I'm off to a big start in january also.

  15. I vowed to continue on the path of simplifying my home so I could read more! I have a stack of books on my nightstand and they've been there too long!

  16. Loved that book. Wept on the airplane. Love what you said about January being good to us. I needed to hear that!


  17. i'm so with you on this. i am re-focusing on school this semester and finishing strong. it's easy to be lax in november and december. but you're right...time to get on track! moving really messed with our schedule, so i'm trying to give myself a break, but i'm ready for routine!

  18. oh no! you mentioned michele again....she is going to have a "feeling like a rockstar day"! I got excited about you east coast trip!

  19. "There's such a hard balance between enjoying every moment and realizing that you just don't and not feeling guilty about it because it's normal not to. Relate at all?"

    Um...YEP! I'm a newbie here to your blog, just found it today...and what you wrote about grace in parenting struck such a chord w/ me....because I feel like that, too. Every day. I love being a parent; but I do not love every minute of it. And I beat myself up over it daily. Gonna have to go out & get that book! So glad to have found you & your blog!

    Peace & blessings...Stephanie

  20. I can't agree more about January and for the first time in a long time, I am caught up on my laundry, my pantry is stocked, my house is clean...it will all fall apart next month but as for now I feel mastery over something!

  21. Love that you showed your little laundry vignette. I have a similar list & sadly a similar pile in my bedroom as we speak. Should quit reading posts & go fold something. Lol

  22. Hi there! I found you through FPFG's blog. You left a comment that struck out to me. I think we have a few things in common....living in a rental while waiting on the Lord's direction, adoption, homeschooling, love the Lord :) It's nice to meet you!

  23. I meant "stuck out" not struck out. Oy!