Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall Mantle Inspiration

You know Fall is my favorite time of the year, right?
Seriously, I think I've only said it a bajillion times since we met.

Some of you are going to be very tempted to disown me and never come back here.
Especially those of you who loooove summer as much as I love fall.
For me, September is totally the time to pull out the fall candles and gourds and indian corn.

I just couldn't resist showing you this fall mantle with one of our LIVE PURE signs.
I'm extra excited to show you this one because it belongs to someone from my hometown.
She posted it on instagram, and I went crazy for it and had to show it to you.
Isn't it an a amazing ode to fall?
I'm pinning it to my fall board over at Pinterest...
I'm thinking one of those Happy Halloween banners is in my near future.

If you've bought one of our signs and you'd like to show me what it looks like in your home,
I'd love for you to email

Has anybody else out there started decorating for fall?
TELL ME I'm not the only one. :)

{thankful for}
527. the cool breeze in the air this morning.
528. pumpkin spice candles.
529. Fall mantles
530.  the weekend!


  1. In September I put out all fall decor, except for pumpkins. Those come out the first of October.

  2. LOVE the sign the words
    down at the shop this week someone copied your sign and it was
    not NEAR as beautiful as yours..Nik and I seriously wanted to go say! I had to hold Nikki back!

    I get ya! FALL...can't wait for the weather though..this 90's stinks!
    we are finishing up painting the fireplace sometime this week and then
    we will start decorating for fall.
    happy Friday

  3. Yes I so agree with you I love Fall for all the same reasons but mostly the food warm and cozy dishes!

  4. I need you to come decorate my mantles. I have 2 with nothing to put on them. Where do I start?? I'll look at your pinterest board :)

  5. So cute I had to Pin it. :) Xo, Jess

  6. I just got back from visiting your Etsy store. What gorgeous signs.

  7. I got my sign girl. Can't wait to spruce up the porch and decorate for fall.

  8. Love fall...can't wait to put out the pumpkins!

  9. Oh i totally love fall the best too!! Waiting for gray pumpkins to come out!

  10. Hi Tara! thanks for stopping by my blog...your Lydia is darling, and you know after having boys, the AG store is a dream come true for me :)
    LOVE your friend Pam (View from my Kitchen sink) has one and I love it!!

  11. I am with you. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year!! I love it. I think it is such a relief from the hot summers here in the South, the beautiful colors, I could go on and on!

  12. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I just love your mantle! Fall is by FAR my favorite season! We moved to Warner Robins eight weeks ago. LOVE your blog,read your about me,and seriously,that could be me.I even have two Yorkie "babies", Ricky and Lucy. Thank you again for reaching out.:)

  13. I love my sign! It has moved all around the house. It is one of my favorite things!! I started the fall decorating. I adore fall. My favorite time of the year!!

  14. Tara,

    I love the sign! Tell your friend her banner looks great, too! I am all about the fall decorating over here!

    Have a great day, rock star!