Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas pictures...a tradition well worth the struggle!

I think I'd die without words and pictures.
Don't ask me to pick between them..I couldn't possibly do it.
Okay...go ahead and throw coffee and chocolate and guacamole in there too.
Who could choose?

But seriously.
Every year since we've been married, we've made Christmas pictures.
And I can tell you, there are a couple things that have been consistent through the years with this tradition....

Someone always complains, 
there are always a few tears,
we can always count on one of us yelling,
 and I have a different hairstyle every.single.year.

Some would wonder why I torture us through it year after year, and my answer is....
These pictures capture us...they unfold the story of our family.

I used to dread getting back the cd because there usually wasn't more than a couple decent shots for our card.
Then, somewhere along the way, I decided the "real" shots were my favorite.

There was a tee-tiny bit of complaining on the car ride to the botanical gardens,
and there were a few tears, as witnessed in the photo straight up above.
But we did have three small miracles...

No one yelled this year.  Hallelujah.
Our 12 year old told us he had a blast...there really is a first time for everything.
And, Mr. Daddy-O thanked me for making this memory for our family every year.

{thankful for}
576. pictures that tell our story together.
577. traditions.
578. stirrings in my heart from God.
579. dinner tonight with friends.
580. being inspired by our friends' warm and welcoming..full of love & peace.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that struggles to get a decent picture of my family.

  2. Fabulously Fun Photos! I know how Family photos can be~Cheers Kim

  3. love ALL of these! has anyone ever said that Andy looks like Louie Giglio??

  4. Ditto that. Add in sweat and it sounds just like our family pictures! So worth it though. I LOVE these pictures and just realized how seldom you put your beautiful face on here! I am loving your hair and I think the last two are my favs. Beautiful family Tara.

  5. really does go down the same way in every family, every year. LOL. Ditto Megan (Hi mEgan!) - your family is gorgeous. And those pics are so sweet!

  6. why does someone always need to cry?? always?? your pictures are well worth it!! adorable family!

  7. Tara, your pictures are beautiful! I love the back story, too. It's so true…I bet 99% of the beautiful family photos that we see of others have tears and some raised voices behind them. I know ours do.
    That close up shot of the three kiddos is incredible! I love that Lydia is on Luke's back and all their smiles are priceless.
    Loved our time with you all last night! :)

  8. beautyFULL, my friend!
    we are about to embark on that whole picture journey as well in a few, so say a few(or several) prayers for us! :)

  9. love love love these!!! especially the 5 and the very last one.
    ya'll are all so photogenic!

  10. I love this! My husband thinks holiday cards (especially since its just the two of us) are cheesy and I'd have to BEG him to do them, but I'm seriously considering it this year!

  11. Well it was worth all that you went through, they are beautiful!

  12. I'm dying of all the cuteness. And PEA GREEN with envy. My word. I wouldn't even know what that would LOOk like with my family. I have a friend that takes gorgeous photos and does mostly weddings... she's probably about the only one who might be able to work a good photo shoot with the two little hoodlums in my house. I swear they are getting WORSE as they get older! What is up with that. You got some photo gold though... I came up with nothing so I definitely need SOMETHING. Sheesh. Gorgeous family sweet girl.

    1. Those photos are pure goodness! We have also done this yearly for Christmas and each year there are struggles but nothing compares to capturing the eyes of a blessed family!

  13. I really love these types of family photos. What a beautiful family.

  14. I love all your family photos!
    They are just beautiful and beaming with light and love.
    The excitement builds ;)

    Deborah xoxo

  15. These are wonderful! I am so glad you shared them. We have made a tradition of family Christmas photos, too, since we had Chandler.

  16. Every single one of these pictures are gorgeous, Tara! The second and third ones are my favorites. What a beautiful setting too :)

  17. The pictures are all wonderful! Our family has done pictures 21 years in a row beginning with our first child at 6 mos. You can see our life each year. Some are definitely better than others. The important thing was we did it. Tears, tantrums and all. :)

  18. I absolutely LOVE all of favorite is the one with the 5 in it...and also the first one. The boys are looking so much the field...the golds
    we have yet to do ours...we are going to try for this weekend. We bought a tripod so Nik can set the timer and be IN the picture this year. We have never done that before so we'll see. Which one are you using for your cards?

  19. Stunning, heartwarming photos of your BEAUTIFUL family. It's better than any Norman Rockwell that stirs the heartstrings of family. LOVELY AND PRICELESS.

    I so related to this comment (and the one about coffee, choc and guac):

    I used to dread getting back the cd because there usually wasn't more than a couple decent shots for our card.
    Then, somewhere along the way, I decided the "real" shots were my favorite.

    We have done this too, and three sons find it rather unnecessary? Thus the hopes of one or two decent, "cooperative" shots. BUT THEY'RE ALL GOOD.

    I so adore your blog.

  20. I love that you've made this a priority. I'm sad to say that we've only had our family photographed ONE TIME. Yes, me who loves photography and design beautiful Christmas time. I guess it's that Cobbler's Wife thing. (You know she had no shoes...even thought she was married to the shoemaker!) Keep this tradition alive. It's a gift to your whole family! Wish I had these! xoxo!