Friday, November 9, 2012

Easy Christmas Ideas we can ALL add to our homes this year!

No worries.  I haven't pulled out the first Christmas box from the attic.
But, I have been gathering ideas from blogland and pinning them to my MERRY CHRISTMAS BOARDS.

I won't start decorating until the day after Thanksgiving, 
but I thought it'd be a little less overwhelming to gather some of my favorite ideas into one place.
I think I have something like 500 pins on that Christmas board!
I know I won't be able to implement all the great ideas, but I can pick a few.

I've used a lot of the same things over and over, year after year,
but this year I plan to try some of these simple touches.
I can handle jingle bells and candles on a white dish, candy canes and peppermint sticks in apothecary jars, and greenery from the yard stuck in some of my white pitchers.

I thought you might like some of the original links
 so you can see what else those amazingly talented women pulled off in their homes last Christmas.
The links below are the only original links that I was able to find.

The amazing white pedestal with the hurricane, white candle, greenery and red/white stripe ribbon is
from Sweet Something Designs.

The white dish filled with jingle bells and three candles is from Lemonade Makin' Mama.

The metal basket full of white poinsettias and the bottle brush collection is from Simple Thoughts.

Do you have some favorite pins for Christmas that you're going to try this year?


  1. This gets me so excited to start decorating for Christmas!! We have already had our Canadian Thanksgiving so I'm hoping to get going within the next week. Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Jenn :)

  2. Hi Tara,
    We're doing a lot of greens, burlap - sort of a Rustic Winter Theme for our home.
    Last year we bought a remnant of burlap and used it for a tree skirt - LOVED!

    Just started following you on Pinterest.

    My Christmas board also includes creative, inexpensive Christmas Wrapping ideas.
    I'm looking forward to those this year :)

    ~ Dana
    Cooking At Cafe D

  3. tara, i'm with you. simple simple simple. you've pinned some great ideas.....i can not wait to start decorating for christmas....including my sign from YOU!

  4. I am working on some Christmas crafts today too. Very simple, natural ideas. Also have been pinning ideas on Pinterest.

  5. Tara, I have always enjoyed your pins. we share a similar style.

  6. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    i have all of these basics to implement these amazing ideas!
    thanks, girl! always open for new fresh ideas with old decor!

  7. I decorate the day after Thanksgiving, too. Have fun.


  8. What great ideas. I plan to "steal" some of them. Christmas is my favorite time of year to decorate. I just finished making my own version of a glittered Christmas village. I'm pretty excited!

  9. All of that are great Christmas ideas. I might use some of it in my home. The kiddos will love it. That's for sure.
    mandurah property

  10. I'm actually getting ready tomorrow to pull it out of the attic, it won't go up yet, but i need to stage it in the garage and take stock of some things i need to pick up. (yes, i'm weird like that...makes me husband nuts). And by stage, i only mean open the bins, so i can see in, and do some cursory checks. Nothing drastic.

    I am definitely using the hurricane and white candle idea above, and the jingle bells and votives.

    Not sure yet what else - cute post!

  11. I love how simple most of these are! I definitely may have to indulge! The best part is that some of them can be done on a low budget!

  12. Thanks Tara. As soon as my parents leave I'm goin' crazy with crafts and decor...Pinterest city!!!

  13. I'm so excited Tara!
    I have so many ideas that I've found on Pinterest...where do you even start with all this creativity?! ;)
    I love the ones you have shown here.
    I especially love the simple touches of Christmas that we can add to many of the stuff we already have on hand.
    It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...everywhere we go (I can hear the Christmas music stirring already inside \o/
    My daughter and I watched our first Christmas movie of the season last fun!

    Deborah xoxo