Sunday, December 9, 2012

The tale of a table setting.

This really is about the simplest table setting you can create, right?
I was fresh out of ideas. 
 I had my chargers and the white dishes that I keep out all year long, but they needed something.
I scoured Pinterest, but everything I saw would have required me to spend money.
I don't have Christmas dishes, and I grow bored too easily to invest in them.
Dilemmas, Dilemmas.

The table stayed bare for a few days until we had some friends stop by the house one afternoon.
Lydia was handing out candy canes to our friends, and she put them together to make a heart.
And right then...a table setting was born.
I'm feeling a little dramatic today...can you tell?

Anywho, if you're fresh out of ideas and you like simple, cheap & easy, this one's for you!
I thought the candy cane hearts could be a sweet reminder to us why we celebrate Christmas in our home.

{thankful for}
613. my desire to create
614. my candle that smells like a Christmas tree
615. family movie night last night
616. dinner with our starting point leaders tonight
617. Christmas lights


  1. What a neat story behind your table setting, thanks to Lydia. I love it and yet it is so simple.

  2. I love your table setting idea and I love the story even more. Thank you Tara for sharing this sweet and simple idea. It is a wonderful reminder of why we are celebrating too!

  3. I love this! So simple & perfect for Christmas. :) It was great hearing that your little one inspired it too!

  4. Simplistically beautiful is what you have there, my friend, and it's perfect!

  5. I LOVE IT! I think that it is the thought...that even with something so simple...that the people who sit at your table will feel important and cared for because you took the extra time to make their seat pretty.

  6. Simple full of love, I'm with you on the not having a set for me there are too many choices.

  7. Simple full of love, I'm with you on the not having a set for me there are too many choices.

  8. Tablescapes are not my thing. BUT I think I might be able to manage this one;). Super cute.