Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Heart of Hospitality

I'm so proud of Edie for pouring her heart out in a brand new e-book on hospitality!
She's about the coolest cowboy boot wearing, chicken raising, bread baking, CS Lewis loving, homeschooling, woman in the blogosphere.

I followed two of the 31 day series that Nester hosted back in October, and Edie's was one of them.
Her recipes and tablescapes are some of the best out there, but those aren't what made that series a gold mine.
She spent many of those 31 days talking about what real hospitality is, and it captured my heart.

To quote her..
Hospitality isn’t about inviting people into our perfect homes, 
it’s about inviting them into our imperfect hearts.

It's messy...this business of welcoming people into our crazy.
It's hard...opening ourselves to love and be loved.
But, it's necessary.
God has been our perfect example.  We love because he first loved us.
He meets us where we are and joins us in our brokenness and imperfections.  
He loves us all the way to wholeness.

Her e-book is such an invitation to explore what it means to give ourselves to others the way God has freely given himself to us.

We were made for relationships, and you'll read this and crave deeper, more genuine fellowship.


  1. she is such an encouragement to women isn't she? i saw she had an ebook out...i need to buy it!
    i am not very good at hospitality..well who would want to come into this war zone of a house...lol!
    anyway - enjoy your fire sweet friend..desperately desiring spring...xo

  2. It is hard to get out of this mindset of perfection and that our friends and family really just want us not the couch or perfect meal. Must work on "embracing what I have and am"

  3. you are such a precious encouragement to me sweet friend.
    i can't wait to meet you one of these days.
    we'll hug and squeal and laugh and cry.
    and i'll bring buttercream something and we'll chat for hours.
    so much love to you and yours.
    and thank you for sharing my little dream with the world.

  4. What a great message- wonderful quote- Love your blog-so happy to of found you