Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012 recap.

Well, that was the longest break I've had in a while.
Life came in this Christmas and swallowed us up. 
We waited longer than we've ever waited to buy the first present for anyone.
We hosted my whole family at our house this year.
And, we celebrated our wonderful Savior on Christmas morning.
 As soon as we had our traditional feast of a breakfast at the tried and true Waffle House,
we went on a take-down-all-the-decorations-deep-clean-the-whole-house-clean-out-every-single-closet-and-drawer-pack-all-five-of-us-for-a-vacation-to-DC-frenzy.

We wanted the house clean and fresh before we left for our vacation the day after Christmas, so we could return to a clean slate for the new year.
Some of you think we're nuts and some of you totally get us.  it's all good.
Differences make the world go around.

I didn't get on my computer for blogs or Pinterest for almost two weeks, and I'd highly recommend it.
It was glorious to be present with these crazy people in my life.

I woke up in such a quandary today.
Do I do a re-cap of 2012 like Edie did here, here, and here or do I just go ahead and start fresh with my word for this new year?
I think I'm doing a recap.  It'll give me a chance to share a little of our Christmas and our vacation with you. 
Ready. Set. Go.
best parents in the whole world..so glad God saw fit to give them to me.
she got ivy last year and had to have julie, ivy's best friend, this year because she says they go together.
beats by dr. dre were all the rage for my boys this year. thank you nana&papa. the end.
they were all the rage for my boys because their older cousin chris says they're all the rage. #theythinkhe'sthebomb.com
she's reprogramming his phone.  my brother will take any amount of attention he can get from her. #wrapped
my niece kate will kill me for this picture. she's beautiful even when she's a little under the weather. #thirteen
my nephew and sister in law.  go back up and look at my brother. don't you think she and i look more alike?
lydia got aprons for her and julie.  looks like i'll have two helpers in the kitchen now. the more the merrier.
she built this lego set by herself. #girlisagenius
next to his beats from nana&papa, this game was his favorite gift.
we've reached the age when he wants expensive socks and underwear. #heavenhelpme
my new knock off anthropologie winking owl from some random store at the mall. #merrychristmastome
I've been wanting these three cookbooks for ten forevers. just kidding but for a long time, for real. #hedidgood
he's about to open up a really cool plaid shirt from half-moon outfitters that he's gonna love.

The only pictures I'm missing that I could kick myself for not capturing are of all of us on Christmas morning by the tree..I can NEVER remember to make it happen!
And, I wish sooooo bad I'd captured the moment on Christmas eve when Andy and I kicked my brother and his wife's butts in Settlers of Catan!!!!

Last year was a total blur because we moved into two different houses all before Christmas.
Literally...it's a blur.
But this year was so different.
We made time to cook and bake and enjoy one another.  We played games and laughed hysterically together.
Sure.  There were a few high-strung, stressful moments in the mix to normalize all the bliss, but the good always outweighs those moments.

I hope your Christmas was as full to the brim as possible this year.
Happy New Year!!!
I'll be back this week to share our DC vacation and a few other things before I start fresh this year with my word for the year post and some of our goals for 2013.

Peace out.
{thankful for}
634. one of the sweetest Christmases (can i make Christmas plural??) in a long time.
635. the most wonderful family vacation ever despite food poisoning.
636. living through that food poisoning that I got in Philly. Y to the U to the C to the K.
637. a wonderfully clean home that we came down to thanks to a Christmas day cleaning frenzy.
638. being back home with Max...I swear leaving him felt wrong.
639. Max's warm welcome when we got home.  he literally hugged me. no joke.
640. a business meeting with my man today to set all our goals for this year.
641. a husband that makes sure i put action to all my goals.
642. a totally lazy day with the family.
643. a traditional New Year's meal...grilled pork tenderloin, collards & kale, mac-n-cheese, biscuits and peas.


  1. Your Christmas sounded perfect! Your vacation to DC looked wonderful (followed you on instagram)Happy New Year!

  2. i love it!!!
    welcome back. glad you're tummy is getting all back to normal.
    missed you being 'out & about'
    still loving my sign.
    it may stay up all year
    unless i can talk george into making me another custom hymm oblong one....hmmmm...get back to you on that ;)


    oh...tell lover boy to take you to les mis!

  3. i dont think you're crazy, but I don't know how you do it! The girl who unpacks in record time also gets Christmas taken down and closets cleaned in record time! Just wishing I could have you over because this is what I'd love to do! So wanted to take down Christmas (especially the tree that is no doubt dried up and disastrous), but instead, it has to wait. Oh, well! I guess we have to learn to embrace whatever it is that works for us! ;)

  4. I so wanted to take Christmas down the day after but my husband prefers that we wait until New Year's Day so that's what I did today. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us - sorry to hear about the food poisoning (bleh, been there). Welcome back! And definately go see Les Mis - take alot of tissues! I sobbed, and loved it :)

  5. great christmas recap post! sounds like the season around here too...hustle bustle with so many precious memories intertwined! and i get you on the clean before you leave frenzy....a clean slate when you arrive home is worth the craziness you leave in. cheers to 2013!

  6. I cannot wait to hear your 2013 word. I'm working on my post as well! :D Happy New Year!!! Random- any advice on reupholstering?? xo, Brooke

  7. Happy New Year! So glad that you had a wonderful Christmas. Best Wishes for a great 2013.

  8. Had to pop in and tell you how much I love the sign my niece Patrice got for Christmas! Her husband Matt ordered it for her (a quote from The Chronicles of Narnia), and when she opened it on Christmas morning, I thought she was going to cry happy tears. It's gorgeous! Now three of my four nieces have completely unique and different versions of your and Andy's signs ... one has lines from a hymn, one has the Narnia quote, and one has a set of family rules. I will keep being an ambassador for you guys as long as people will listen. Ha! Happy New Year!

  9. Sounds wonderful! Looking forward to hearing more from you this coming year. Happy New Year!

  10. Loved seeing your Christmas pictures and can't wait to hear about your trip. Sorry Geno's treated you wrong; glad you're back (in every way). :)

  11. Please don't let our 15 year old that expensive underwear or socks exists.
    So far Tar-jay are serving him just fine :)

    Yes, beauty shines way past the tissues.

    She's programming his phone.
    Of *course* she is.

  12. Your Christmas sounds just right. How fun to have family in town for the festivities! I felt the same way about last year vs. this year. Happy New Year to you guys!

  13. What a wonderful Christmas. I am so glad you were able to unplug and take a break from internet. I think that is such a good thing to do. I also love that your house was spic and span on January 1! My house will be spic and span on January 4 when my favorite person comes to visit...the cleaning lady ; )

    I LOVE the picture of your parents. So sweet. I love the dolls. I love the beats. I LOVE the love. Happiest of new years to you my friend. May it be your best year yet.

  14. Happy New Year Tara! I am so glad y'all had such a wonderful Chriatmas and NewYears. And although I missed you, I am glad you had a break too. I hope you have a very blessed start to the new year. See you soon!

  15. #1. PLEASE give me a hint to the store that sold this wonderful winking owl.......Please!

    #2. Wow, I just read the post about Lydia asking for her own cuff & THE words she chose. How wonderfully made is she & how wonderfully blessed our y'all. Happy New Year!

  16. I'm so excited you're back!! I missed you. So many comments I could make... you have the cutest extended family and your mama is adorable. Also, I love that your girl is into American girl... we are ALL over those here too. Love them.

    also I got a cookbook too. My man rocks. Great minds? I got What Katie Ate. SOooooo good!

    Can't wait to see the DC recap. Why did you go by the way... family or something or just vacation? Kick me if I'm being nosy. LOL

  17. oh the breaks from anything techno are SOOOOO necessary and good for the soul. I take one day a week off of everything and i treasure it.
    i remember grace's visit to american girl and her love for them...enjoy it all!!
    and the beats and expensive socks...well mine is 18 and yes...everything they want is expensive and i am making him get a job after school to help....lol! i about fell over with the beats...he paid half but he is older:) but i must admit they are amazing!! i can totally see myself running in a pair;)
    sending love from MO and yes...we must thing of a halfway place..add to to do list

  18. What a great Christmas you had and your family is so darn adorable! Boo for the food mishap. And I LOVE my Tahara necklace, thanks again.
    Happy 2013!

  19. Welcome back! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas spent with family.
    Happy New Year!

  20. I think maybe I knew, but I didn't realize that Jennifer is your sister in law? She helped me get through my very first 5k, and was at Cornelia Elem. while I was there. Anyway, you're probably saying, "Yes, Sarah, I know this." because I have told you before, but it struck me again. :) Love, love the Christmas pics. Such a special, fun, cozy time.