Saturday, February 16, 2013

Candy for your neck.

I'm a fool for words.  I guess this is why I enjoy blogs.  Words with sentimental meaning melt me.
 I dig the constant reminder on my walls and on my arms.
It only makes perfect sense that I'd enjoy it hanging around my neck, too.
You know how they say that too much of a good thing isn't a good thing?
Well, if words are wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

My friend, Tabitha, helps people create jewelry that tells their story through a company called Origami Owl.
Cool job, huh?
I had so much fun creating my new necklace with her, and I know you will, too.
I literally wear mine every other kind of goes with everything.  I even layer it with a shorter necklace.
Pure awesomeness.

Anyway, Tabitha wants to offer you guys 10% off, but her website won't allow her to.
So, if you're interested in one for yourself, go to her website and pick out what you'd like,
then email her {at the address below} and she'll give you the discount.
EVERY penny counts, right?!


  1. i'm that way with words too. i totally get you.

    and excuse me...are those glittered toms??
    could you be any cuter?

  2. I attended one of these parties late last year and bought my mom a necklace that she just was so fun putting it together for her.

  3. Ah, I need to get pictures and blog about mine. (that I won from you.)


  4. my mother in law gave me one of these the week after my mom died. it has all of my mom's favorite things - a coke bottle, a type writer, a cross and it says in memory of mom. I love it. those days and times i want mom with me, i wear this necklace and it's kind of like she is with me right by my heart.