Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Headboard

Rooms are always evolving at our house, and Seth's room has been no different.
It started out with twin beds before we decided to move the them upstairs for Luke, our oldest.
Once we moved those beds out and the queen size bed in, it sat with no headboard for a long while.

Finally, we got around this weekend to using some reclaimed wood in our garage to make him one.
On a random side note, y'all know that the only part I played was taking pictures of the process, right?
I admire all of you hammer holding women out there who knock these projects out yourselves.
If you ever need someone to take pictures...I'm your girl. :)

I stink at giving tutorials, but I'm gonna give it an honest effort
 because Andy said the hardest part of the whole project was carrying the heavy finished headboard inside. 
First, you find some free reclaimed wood and leave it in your garage until you have time to do your project.
 {free is always awesome}

Then, you purchase a board the size that you need for your headboard.

We picked out which reclaimed boards we wanted to use and tried to figure out a pattern,
since ours had words and shapes.
Then, he cut them to fit our big board.

He used his nail compressor to nail the reclaimed boards down to the big board.

After he finished nailing, he used two more reclaimed boards to frame out the edges of the bed.

We wanted the top board to hang over on both sides so that it looked more like a bed frame.

Andy also nailed two boards to the back of the headboard as supports to anchor into the wall.
He used wall anchors to securely hold it to the wall.
It's in there for sure....it's not going anywhere!
Just in case you're wondering, you'll put those two boards that you see at the bottom above your floorboards.

Doesn't it look so much better?
I think beds were made to have headboards.
We put his sweet UGA art work back up above the bed,
and now the only thing I really need to add is a small rug and a cork board.
I can't believe it, but the room might just be finished at that point.
Could it be so?

I always love when people give a list of where things come from because it helps me know where to look::

Headboard....DIY with reclaimed wood.
UGA art above bed....original from a man who paints downtown Athens.
Black and Cream ticking fabric...ordered offline from fabric.com
{I got a local lady to make two Euroshams, his bedskirt and his panels with that fabric}
Khaki coverlet and red & gray accent pillows and throw from Target..at least 5 years old.
Wooden trunk....$5 from a garage sale in Orlando.
Metal gym baskets......a friend gave mine to me, but I've seen them at a lot of places.
{try target, tjmaxx, pottery barn}
His Live Pure sign came from our shop.
His metal Super G was made by a man in our church, who works with metal.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment and I'll respond or if you have trouble leaving comments, you can email me at:  tarahlowry@gmail.com

Hope you guys are having a great week....

{thankful for}
684. a handy husband who loves to create.
685. coffee with a friend who feels safe.
686. a quiet house that allows me to hear the birds chirping.
687. 6 days of drinking water and eating a 100% healthier.
688. My word for the year and how God is using it in my life.


  1. Wow. That is the coolest headboard!! The room looks great.

  2. Hi Tara. That looks just perfect for a boy's room. Finishes the room off nicely and love all the other touches. I remember way back to how much fun it was to fix the kid's rooms up..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  3. Looks awesome! Yeah to finished projects! :)

  4. that looks incredible. of course you did. you guys are amazing!!

  5. It looks awesome, Tara! You did a great job and it really completes the room. :)

  6. Wow! That turned out so great! I really love his dresser too...I have a similar one in my bedroom :)

  7. The headboard looks fantastic. I like how you arranged the red letters and lines.

  8. So cool! You guys are super talented!

  9. Now that is an awesome headboard! Luv it.
    The entire room looks wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, Gee

  10. it is so wonderful!
    you guys are a GREAT team!

  11. Love it! Way to reuse and upcycle! I bet he loves it too!

  12. Awesome, how cool is this room. I am positive he thinks it's rad (hope rad is still in)!

  13. Looks AMAZING!!! Perfectly imperfect (love the way you mixed up the boards). xo!

  14. Love the headboard! Where do you find reclaimed wood? Thanks!

  15. love it all - the colors on the wording even matched his room colors:)
    i know if must feel so good to have a room "done"....right? wink:)

    and so much cheaper than buying a headboard..they are so expensive. beds are crazy!
    ok..gotta go dry my hair..it has been in a towel while i read...lol

    enjoy your weekend..xo

  16. Love the headboard and the entire room.

    I also love #686 - sometimes the birds are so loud outside that they distract me- and that is a good thing!

  17. The headboard is fantastic! Found you on The Inspired Room! Gong to browse you blog a bit now...I love it!