Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Orlando...Instagram style.

I {heart} instagram, and I love how easy that sweet place makes it to capture my days.
I won't lie, you may be seeing instagram shots every week from here on out...too easy not to!
Especially now that Sasha introduced me to SnapWidget. 
 I'm thankful to finally know to how to get my IG pictures onto my blog. Thanks friend!!

We had a few days of a winter break last week and decided to head down to Orlando to stay with some friends.
I only took the younger two kids while Andy stayed behind with Luke.  Somebody has to work and go to school. :}

It hasn't been a brutal winter here in Georgia, but it still felt good to head into sunshine for a few days.
Orlando's weather is just about perfect in February with a cool breeze and gorgeous blue skies.

Kourtney and her boys were the perfect pick me up that we all needed after a dreary, wet and rainy February.
We can let our hair down with them, be ourselves, and be sharpened by the love they show to us.
There are friends who stick closer than a brother, and they are a rare and beautiful treasure.
They not only love us...they like us.  What a gift to be loved and accepted despite our flaws.

It was a fast and furious three days, and I didn't capture every moment, but I sure caught some great ones.

{thankful for}
704. the end of February.
705. The first sightings of Spring...daffodils and yellow bells.
706. friends who know me and still love me.
708. our trip to orlando..those blue skies and that cool breeze and our sweet friends made life sweeter.

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  1. Perfect post. :) Thanks for sharing about your trip! I bet it was a little hard to come back to the dreary rain.

  2. We are headed to Disney next week and your post got me so excited! How great that you could sneak away for a few days!
    {And now I am determined to get a smart phone!}

  3. Lucky you! What a great getaway. I'll bet it was nice to get some sunshine. I'm hoping that my parents go to Florida next year so that I can go visit :)

  4. I LOVE your pictures! What a wonderful getaway for you! We had a great time at Disney too when we were there 4 years ago...however my girls would have swooned had they had the chance to take a picture with Captain Jack Sparrow! :) Happy Spring!

  5. No matter how old you are that castle still tugs at your heart, Fun!

  6. My favorite place/ I bet you had a fun time.

  7. I'm so happy to see those on your bloggy blog!! That looked like FUN!! never been farther away than North Dakota. Sad. LOL I think I need to travel EAST! Or South. Or wherever the heck directionally gets me to you. And now you see why I don't travel much. Ha!!

  8. you figured it out! yay. guess sash had an easier way;) these are great. we've never done disney. you made it look super fun.