Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend Reads & Deals

I want Ashley from The Handmade Home to be my mom just so she'll throw me a party.
Somebody needs to tell her I'm turning 40 in June.
And, while you're visiting her to read all about this amazing party she threw her little girl,
you might want to read this, and this, too.

Shannan wrote from her heart about missional living and discipleship.
I like her because she has figured out how to share what she's passionate about without making those around her want to run every time they see her coming.
She shares her passion without judgement and it's refreshing.

Edie wrote about being your real, new self, and I read through the whole post nodding my head and wanting to say Amen and give a witness.
While you're there, read this, too.

My friend Tahra is having 15% off in her shop for Valentine's day with the code Valentine15.
She's affordable & reliable, and her work is spectacular.

Sasha made over her little girl's room, and the color combo makes me happy.

Melissa wrote a great post on her thrift store find.

There are so many great blogs out there...I don't know about you, but it's hard to read as consistently through the week.
I typically catch up on most of my blog reading on Saturday mornings with my coffee.
I hope you are enjoying your weekend with your friends and family.
We're heading out to a flea market to look for drafting barstools for our kitchen.
Wish us luck!

{thankful for}
689. low key weekends
690. spontaneous park days with friends
691. lunch date with my man
692. a clean house
693. the 2.8 lbs I lost this week...trying really hard to lose about 10 more! #determined


  1. i'm the first? yay!
    ok ashley right? she is just utterly amazing! there are no words. that party was ridiculous!
    good luck on thrifting..that is so much a part of the fun:) we are celebrating nik and chel's birthday tonight. they turned 26 and 27..crazy right?

  2. I enjoyed your post! That party is adorable!!!

  3. love linky lists...except then i'm reading blogs for another hour :) that's ok. it's saturday. hope you're having a great weekend!!

  4. Hi Tara! I hope tha tyour weeknd is finding you doing fun things and having some time for rest too. Thanks for sharing these links to the other blog posts out there. I had read some and others I had not. The Handmade home is a blog I had not ever visited, so I was so glad you introduced her to me. The post she wrote on February 5 about our generation being of the go, go, go and the intentionality of stopping that constant involvemnt in activity in order to focus on the family really struck a chord with me. It is something the parents I work with in children's ministries and I discuss frequently. I honestly think that the pendulum maybe is starting to inch ever so slowly towards a more balanced lifestyle as we take a stand to say enough is enough. Have a great rest of your weekend!

  5. I have to check out the links to these fabulous blogs. I do follow The Handmade Home and just love it.

    I love your list...nothing better than a quiet weekend, lunch with my guy and yes, I'd be very happy losing two pounds! ;-D


  6. ahhh how funny - I follow you posted about. Blog land is amazing - so many talented God loving women - I just LOVE it. Have a blessed day.

  7. hOWDY, howdy, howdy! So sweet. Hugs.

  8. love this post & love you! ...i'm sure jackie can give some creative ideas for your 40th!!!

  9. You are sweetness itself. I love all of these girls and their sweet selves and blogs. :) Thank you for loving on US.

  10. I also take an hour (or 2 or 3) to catch up on blogs that I don't always read regularly. But, your's is one I check first! Now off to check out some of these others I don't already read. :)

  11. Ack! Thank you sweet lady for sharing my little thrift store find! So excited to see that and all the lovely blogs you've shared!! :-) I'm honored to be featured here!! xoxo

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