Friday, March 1, 2013

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish, February.

For as much as I love January and the clean slate she gives us, I all but detest February.
What is it with this month?  It slays me every single year without fail.
I'm no pollyanna, but I do love a tall glass of half full, thankyouverymuch!
My poor cup is empty this month, and that's hard on a girl that likes things at least half full.

If January is a crisp, clean white, then February must absolutely be boring brown or gloomy grey. 
 You pick.  They're both the opposite of awesome.
January is so encouraging to me.  She tells me I can do just about anything I set my mind to.
She lights a fire to my behind and insists on cleaning schedules and meal plans and taking care of my body.

Not February.  She stands tall over me and reminds me of all that I am most definitely not.
She shakes her head in disdain that I'm behind in my quest to read my bible through in a year.
She tries to discourage me in my weight loss plan...telling me to "treat" myself to a donut or three.
She keeps turning my eyes toward those 12 books I said I'd read in 2013,
 and she is so quick to point out that I haven't finished the one I was supposed to finish in January. 

I've been drudging through this whole month without energy, without zeal, without joy, without inspiration.
I have this mental picture of me walking down a long, dim corridor with a blindfold over my eyes.
It has felt nearly impossible to see the good and enjoy the small things. 
Do you ever have months when you seriously struggle to "see."
It's February for me.
Pitiful, huh?  Is she bullying you, too?

All I can say is...
Thank God March is on her way to the rescue. 
She's planning a a spectacular arrival.  Rumor has it, she'll be the one wearing bright yellows and lush greens.
It'll take us a few more weeks to see her, but she's coming!!!!

{thankful for}
713. weekends.
714. the 15 8th grade boys that we will host this weekend for a D-Now weekend called "The Mix."
715. hot fires in the fireplace that make February a little more bearable.
716. how God's word is like a mirror to my heart...showing me what needs to be surrendered.
717. breakfast tomorrow morning with my sweet friend.


  1. "All I can say is...
    Thank God March is on her way to the rescue.
    She's planning a a spectacular arrival. Rumor has it, she'll be the one wearing bright yellows and lush greens."

    I ADORE your writing style. How your mind thinks. Rhythm. Tenacity with restraint. There is a musical element -- and balance -- in your expression.

    What more could a word-nerd-blog-reader ask for?

    March? Bring it on!

  2. oh i know girl!!
    i am dying for sun and warm...not summer just some fresh spring air.
    if moving to a sunny location came knocking on my door today i'd be gone
    i dream of living on a little piece of land with chickens and a cow and a horse
    but it has to have a lake...i don't know if those two exists in the same location
    but i am right there with ya sister!! we will hang in there is almost

  3. I don't know what it is about February that gets me down to but thankfully she's gone for another year! It's snowing here today but I feel better just knowing we're in a new month closer to spring. I am desperately craving warmth and bright days! Hang in there! :)

  4. i totally get it... i'm dying for a clean slate too. i really tend to love march so maybe it's a general feeling. well yay, we're here!!! Happy march to you my friend. :)

  5. February is the same for me too. Grey, grey, grey...nothing but gloomy grey. All I have to say is thank you, Lord, that February is the shortest month! :) Happy March!!

  6. and then your friend paige goes and adds insult to injury and introduces you to "THE" website to confirm all insecurities! ha!
    hey speaking of yellow....check your inbox

  7. I like it such sweet thing for me happen in February! Hope March brings all that you hope for!
    Have a great day!

  8. So true! I often find myself "stuck" during many things I need to do, and yet I seem to be unable to get unstuck to accomplish them. Here's hoping March is inspiring..I think we in central VA are in for some big snow during March. My son is going to DNOW in a week! It has been a great experience for him. Enjoy hosting all those boys - I am pretty sure you won't get bored :)

  9. That excatly how I would describe February too. It's been a loooong month! Looking forward to March which will bring the promis of spring in April here in the northeast. In my mind March just seems "greener" to me and that is ok even if it's just in my mind.

  10. I understand everyone's comments and I can kind of feel the same way, but my birthday is in February and I sort of look forward to it! lol But, definitely looking forward to Spring!

  11. I wish I could send you some sunshine and warmth...I adore March as it's my birthday month and there are Daffodil's at our local Trader Joe's. They never fail to put me in a good mood.

  12. I totaly agree with your thoughts on February!! Im so sick of our cold Georgia winter, I look at the daffodils that have dared to open, even the cherry trees trying to flower and silently think, "you liars, it's not spring yet..." So ready for spring and sunshine!!

  13. i'm anxious for some GREEN in my life. looking forward to my little man's bday has always gotten us through february. but i'm ready for march too.
    also, my little man is as DNOW right NOW! eeeek! i'm a little nervous....but i know he's having a blast!

  14. Neighbor last night to a house full of 'the Mix' boys. Awesome!! Loved this idea!!
    February was good to me, but early July does the same to me. Can't seem to ever move through it. It's real. My DH said the other day 'weather I don't like does me in.' amazing it took him 47 years to figure that out. But the rain has been wearing on us all. HOpe this blustery March 2 finds you rockin' along just fine.
    Tomorrow may bring it's own trouble, but I really think it also can bring it's own good.
    Prayers and confidence you've passed on the donuts once this week, and had a delicious smoothy or 2. (not because you NEED to, but) because it will keep us young and strong in the years ahead! Gulping the water & organic vinegar right along beside you,
    you are precious. :)

  15. You are absolutely not alone!!! I was driving home yesterday thinking...why is everyone so crabby lately...and why am I so blah? It dawned on me too that it's the February syndrome. And it didn't help that we had way too many below 10 degree days, mixed in with cloudy and snowy days.

    But alas, the sun is out, March is here and I too am looking forward to the warmth Spring brings! At 24 degrees above, I'm ready to break out the Summer clothes!


    Have a GREAT day - and know that you are not alone! Maybe next year we'll have to come up with a buddy system to get through February!

  16. Right there with you about February. Every single year. Needing God to redeem my gloomy days and turn them into JOY! xoxo!