Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend reads.

Becky's shop is open from today through March 10th, and then she's closed until May.
If you want a cuff, order one from her while it's on your mind. :)

Sasha painted that blue beauty this past weekend,
 and you have got to go read all about how she transformed it from White to a new favorite color, Aloe.

Melaine is a curator with Joss & Main!!!  I'm so excited for her.
I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I've never bought anything from them.
I'm gonna check out their rugs because we could use a few in our house.
You can visit her page to see if there's anything for your house here.

She wrote a beautiful post about being stilled.

Ashley mentioned on IG that she is going to be selling some of her beautiful artwork that we all adore.
I for one can not stinkin' wait.  I want a piece of her art in my home!!

While I was catching up over at Ashley's, I found a link to this blog, which is a new one for me.
I love this gallery wall....I think I have a hundred of them pinned, but this might be my new favorite.

What have you read this weekend? 
 Tonight is my first time on-line because we hosted 15 8th graders for a  DNOW weekend.
It was fast and furious.  Those boys ate and ate and ate.  
Oh, and don't let me forget.  They also chugged soda by the 2-liter bottles.
It was a great weekend, 
and you'll be happy to know that I almost made it all weekend without twitching.
It got the best of me when I finally got them all off to church and I returned home to the glorious mess.
It wasn't anything that two hours of vacuuming and mopping and laundry couldn't help!!
I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I ended up leaving church early to go get checked out because my right ear is completely filled with fluid
and ringing a very high pitched noise that is literally driving me BONKERS.
I'm now on two different medications and praying like Madea that it clears up.
The alternate option is having it drained with what has been described as a thin, sharp knife.
ummm. let me think about it. NO.

I'm telling you for two reasons...I'd love for you to pray with me that the meds work
and because according to my sweet mama, I don't suffer in silence very well. :)

{thankful for}
718. the chance to meet those sweet 8th grade boys.
719. the end of a wonderful but exhausting weekend with said boys.
720. very early bedtimes for my kiddos tonight to make up for all the lost sleep from said weekend.
721. an oldest child who told me when he got home that he missed our house and he really missed us.
722. a very clean house.
723. God's work in my heart through a friend.


  1. I love the E A T signs - so fun.

    You were brave to host a party of 8th graders. I hang out with middle school kids 5 days a week. I LOVE working with them, but boy, am I ready for Friday afternoon after all the drama.

  2. So much goodness in this one and ThaNk YoU for the shout out... you are so good at cheering people on. Girl... just love you to pieces.

    I am so sorry about your ear. That is yucky and I dont' suffer in silence either!!

    Joss and main... just discovered them the other day... amazing stuff. So cool. Love that number 723... would love to hear what that one was all about.. sounds like a good one to chew on. :)

    Go rest up and get better friend!!

  3. Awwwww sweet friend...thank you so much for the shout out! You are beyond generous to spotlight your peeps. I appreciate you! Praying all that fluid just disappears and you feel 100%.

  4. You are the nicest girl in the world. Did I ever tell you? : )

    Did you ask me about social work masters degrees a while ago? I meant to write back right away but then I lost the email and then...well, I kept meaning to find it and respond. I might be a little jaded right now to answer because I have the clinical one, but I don't think either one really matters. You can be a counselor with an MSW or a Masters in Counseling. If you write back with more specific questions, I promise not to take forever to respond!

  5. You will be so blessed for hosting all those boys! Will be praying for your ear to clear up. I woke up very congested this AM, but picking up meds today as well. Must be this roller coaster weather we are having here. Great things you have given us to check out! Have a blessed week.

  6. Hi there friend! So first I want to tell you that if those meds don't work for your ear, the draining is not as bad as it sounds. I had to have it done twice as an adult and it actually is pain free. THe amazing part about it is how LOUD everything sounds after all that fluid get out. You feel like a whole new pwerson :-). I will be praying for you and the healing. Thanks for sharing about all of your reads this past weekend. I feel sometimes i can't get caught up with some blogs I follow, so I appreciate your snippets into what everyone is doing. I also appreciate how you encourage. Thank you! I hope that you are feeling 115% better real soon!

  7. i'm praying for you sweetie. ear pain and annoyance is NO fun!

  8. Okay, do tell -- How do you manage Blessing #722 after hosting that many boys for entire weekend? Two hours of cleaning? Really?

    You are a miracle worker.

    Loved that gallery wall also.

    Prayers that your ear meds do the trick.

  9. I still am twitching just thinking about all those boys!!! Like I said you are a better person than me :] Praying for your ear to be cleared up and not hearing that ringing noise!!!

  10. Hope you are feeling better! My youngest is going today to get her ears checked. Great.

  11. Hey this is Mike from church. Thanks so much for hosting us this weekend! Your house is beautiful and your family is awesome. I should have come back to help clean up.

    I would really like to have some of the photos you took of us so I can pass them on to the parents. My email address is Again, I thank you and your family for being a great host family this weekend! And I hope you're feeling better!

  12. Hope the meds are working for you, what fun having all those boys give them food and it's all good.

  13. I've been drooling over that gallery wall, too! YOU curate loveliness quite well here, friend. :)