About Me

I'm Tara.  Wife to Andy and mom to Luke, Seth and Lydia.  

I get my kicks out of sharing my life, even though it isn't always easy or comfortable or safe.
I've wondered the whole time I've been blogging what my niche is to share with the small percentage of people in the world actually reading. 
Duh.  It's sharing life.  That's my niche.  I'm gonna warn you.  I'm kind of the perfect mix of a melancholy "deep thinker/analyzer/feeler" and a sanguine "lets party like it's 1999."  I think you'll enjoy hanging out here if you can handle some deep posts written from my heart sloshed in with some total shallow hal stuff.  You in?  Awesome.  

This is our family, and I wouldn't trade our crazy for anyone else's on earth.

This is Andy, my always handsome husband.  I'm so glad this was the person God picked to be my forever.  He's been studying and loving me well since we met my senior year in college.  He laughs at my jokes.   He tells me I'm beautiful when I text him a ridiculously awful picture of myself in the middle of the day with the caption, "Feel lucky?"  
He fights hard for oneness with me, and I am honored that we get to learn how to do this together for as long as we live.
Our marriage isn't perfect, but we've worked hard to make it a strong one.  Let's face it, having a good one takes effort and a daily decision to love someone else more than you love yourself.  Can we say hardest work ever?
These are our kids, Luke, Seth, & Lydia.  
They are our tangible proofs that God uses us despite all our many mistakes and weaknesses, for his good pleasure and glory.  
I don't know where the years are going, but they're going fast. 
 Our mothers were telling the truth when they told us this parenting gig would be over in no time flat. 
 I wish so bad there was a step by step, foolproof  manuel for raising them.  
Just when I thought I had a few things down pat, Luke went and decided to become a teenager.  Parenting shows me exactly who I am, and sometimes that's good and sometimes it's really, truly, deeply, ugly.  God uses my kids constantly to remind me that I'm not in control and that's a good thing.  I'm in the throws of it over here, but anything I'm learning is yours for the taking.

My great passion?  Stories...in word and in pictures.
Where we come from, no matter how functional or dysfunctional, makes us who we are.  God uses all things and wastes nothing to draw us to himself.   When you get married and build your own family, you get to decide what from your family of origin you want to take into your new family and what you want to leave behind.  
A couple of years ago, while Andy and I were doing some hard work to decide what we wanted our  family to look like, we made a family rules sign for our home.  We wanted our mission to be ever-before our family...to remind us of the story that God is writing uniquely for us.   Imagine our shock when it turned into a business!  It's one of those things that I know if we'd tried to plan it, it never would've happened.  What an honor it is for us to help you guys write your family's story through words on a custom sign for your homes!


  1. I have only three things to say: your family is stunning, belly laughs from my kids are atop my list of favorites too, and I secretly think I missed out not being born in the south. Im always wanting to say "y'all" but I cant b/c Im a total Yankee. Can we be friends anyway?:)

    1. you are too sweet and I think you should totally say, "Y'all". :)

  2. It's always nice finding other Georgia bloggers. I just ran across your blog recently....look forward to getting to know you :)

    1. looking forward to getting to know you, too!

  3. it's a like a celebration to read your blog.
    There is so much happiness and joy in your life and the pictures are telling that you love Jesus so mutch !

    Thank you !

    God bless, Dieneke

    1. thank you, Dieneke!
      I promise life isn't all roses all the time...but I do try to find joy in the middle of the realities of life. :)

      And, I do love Jesus...he is everything to me.

  4. Love, love, love you style! You have great talent and you are very candid and true to your heart when you write, I admire that. What you see is what you get and I am like that to. A great quality I think! I am a bit eclectic too and I think that is why I relate to your blog, you and what you write. I have joined because I do not want to miss any of it ;) Hop onto my blog too and come and visit one time! I think you will enjoy it!
    See you around!
    The S.O.S. Mom

  5. Love yours and Andy's signs and am anxiously waiting to get my first one. We have plenty in common......I suffer from chronic migraine pain and find through reading blogs therapeutic. I am in Texas and have been since I was a young un. Love all you share about your life, your style, and your connectivity with your relationship with Christ. I, too, am adamant about my faith and thank God daily for all of the blessings he has revealed to me.

    Do you by chance have an RSS feed for your blog? I would love to see your new posts as soon as I open my home page. Thanks again for brightening my day so often. Also, Botox has REALLY helped my head pain, along with a few other comorbid things (such a nasty word) and think you should give it a try. Awesome relief and beautiful results.


    1. Hi there Alexis!
      On my sidebar, you'll see where you can subscribe with an email to get my regular posts. I hope that helps!

  6. Just read about you. You are my kind of person. Yes, you do sound like Sandra Bullock and I think that is a great compliment. That is one thing that I have always loved about her, is that she is her own person, does not try to impress anyone and like me and you I don't think she would put up with lying either. What part of Alabama did you live in? I live in Montgomery, AL. and go to Frazer United Methodist Church. Wish I had known ya'll when you lived here. Love your family.
    Betty Whatley

  7. Replies
    1. thank you so much....my family is one of God's greatest gifts to me!